TideChangers at River of Life Church

Majesty Outdoors is a faith based non-profit committed to raising awareness and, through mentorship in the outdoors, offering a solution to the fatherless epidemic that is literally pronouncing a death sentence to an entire generation. TideChangers is what we call our satellite groups all across the country that serve as our clubs for mentoring to fatherless youth. TideChangers partners with passionate and committed individuals and organizations in local communities to educate, equip, empower, and encourage them in forming TideChanger Mentor Chapters. We walk alongside our community partners to identify, train, and raise up leaders, mentors, and volunteers. We then provide a step by step process to equip these TideChangers in building loving, trusting relationships with the fatherless youth and parents in their community.

TideChangers offers a wide range of activities for our chapter members, including but not limited too; fishing, hiking, archery, hunting, hunter safety skills, survival skills, camping skills, and many other life skills that our youth should know or be exposed to. If these activities sound like something you want to be a part of, find a TideChangers chapter near you and get involved today.

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