Official FYCCN Partners can arrange to borrow Wildlife Education kits from their Regional Partnership Coordinator. Availability may vary by region. Education Kits contain real animal artifacts or high quality replicas and can be used to enhance outreach, camps, and other programs. If you’d like to become a partner, check out our Becoming a Partner page.


Florida Black Bears Kit

With use of the black bear curriculum guide (included), participants will explore the world of black bears and gain a better understanding of Florida’s largest native land mammal.

In the kit: Authentic pelt, bear skull, rubber scat (poop), plaster tracks, bear spray canister (inert), tranquilizer dart in a bottle, non-lethal deterrents, premolar tooth, claw, hair snare, folder with photos, range map, and suggested activities.

Pelts, Skulls, Scat, and Tracks Kit

Kit provides a great introduction to some of Florida’s most common mammals through the use of visual aids. Participants can learn to identify each animal with this fun, hands-on learning tool.

In the kit: Authentic pelts, skull replicas, rubber scat (poop), rubber tracks, animal informational cards, and an animal identification activity.

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker (RCW) Kit

Inspire youth to take a closer look at the habitat and behavior of this endangered species. Use these materials to showcase how FWC monitors and maintains healthy populations and habitat for these birds and other species.

In the kit: Tree cavity, wooden tree insert, skull replica, insects in resin, RCW bands, folder with pictures, range map, and activities.

Florida Bats Kit

For spooky (or not so spooky) times of year, this kit provides information about Florida’s 13 native bat species. Dispel bat myths and share bat facts with a hands-on learning experience.

In the kit: bat skeleton in acrylic, white and red flashlights, bat IDs, range maps and variety of materials for hands-on bat study activity.

Manatees Kit

That’s not a mermaid! This kit contains a variety of artifacts and activities to let participants get to know our very own subspecies of sea cow, the Florida Manatee. Gain a greater understanding of the needs of this charismatic animal and how to conserve it in the wild.

In the kit: manatee skull, flipper, rib bones, replicated manatee ‘skin’, manatee life history and activities.

Sea Turtles Kit

A great resource for those looking to learn about sea turtles who make use of Florida’s coastal habitats. Activities and provided life history documents ensure presenters can teach and answer questions about sea turtle habitats, biology, and behavior for all ages.

In the kit: sea turtle skulls, shells, preserves hatchling, transmitter, scute jewelry (illegal trade), simulated turtle eggs, photos, and activity information.

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