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Are you ready for an amazing summer at SYCC?

We can’t wait for summer time! This year’s Suncoast Youth Conservation Camp day programs include five different camps at our beautiful Apollo Beach facility! SYCC focuses on saltwater fishing, paddle sports, and marine science and is for children who have completed grades 3-11. Registration opens February 1st and is based on your child’s grade on 2/1/2022. All campers receive a camp shirt and water bottle along with other SYCC swag.

2022 Summer Camp Schedule

June 6-10 – Saltwater Fish Camp | Grades 3-5 | Capacity: 20 – $220 — FULL–
June 13-17 – Saltwater Fish Camp | Grades 6-8 | Capacity: 20 – $220
June 20-24 – Advanced Saltwater Fish Camp | Grades 5-8, prerequisite Saltwater Fish Camp | Capacity: 14 – $250 — FULL–
June 27- July 1 – Saltwater Fish Camp | Grades 3-5 | Capacity: 20 – $220
July 11-15 – Aquatic Careers Camp | Grades 9-11 | Capacity: 14 – $220
July 18-22 – Paddling Adventures Camp | Grades 6-8 | Capacity: 20 – $220
July 25-29 – Marine Science Camp | Grades 6-8 | Capacity: 20 – $220
August 1-5 – Marine Science Camp | Grades 3-5 | Capacity: 20 – $220 — FULL–


Online registration opens February 1st, 2022: Online Registration Portal After February 1st, once you have registered your child for a specific program, a camp staff member will contact you with further information and payment instructions. As always, summer camp is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. All camps will have a waitlist. If payment is not received by April 1, the spot will be forfeited to the next camper in line.  


Saltwater Fish Camp (Grades 3-5 and 6-8)

SYCC’s Saltwater Fish Camp is geared for beginner anglers or those who wish to brush up on some basic skills. Campers will learn how to rig a rod, tie knots, select a bait, throw a cast net, build a tackle box, and dissect fish. Other knowledge gained will include fish ecology, safe boating skills, and how to follow current regulations. Other activities include seining up baitfish, team building, visits from scientists and law enforcement, plus archery and arts and crafts. Campers will also receive their very own rod, reel, tackle box, tackle, and tape measure, so they have the supplies and basic skills they need to go fishing on their own anytime! Camp registration is based on grade completed.

ADVANCED Fish Camp (Grades 5-8)

Attending a Saltwater Fish Camp at the Suncoast and finishing 5th grade are prerequisites for this new challenge! Fourteen spots are available for repeat campers to take saltwater fishing to the next level. Campers will experience fishing in new places and habitats including a kayak fishing trip to the beach, fishing from a pier into Tampa Bay, and taking an offshore fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, the campers will dive deeper into their fishing skills and tackle choices. The Suncoast will refill their tackle boxes from previous years, but a new rod awaits their collection. Camp registration is based on grade completed.

Paddling Adventures Camp (Grades 6-8)

During Paddling Adventures Camp, youth will learn beginner kayak and paddleboard skills that are necessary to have a fun and safe day on the water. This includes strokes and maneuvers and what to know before you go! Additional outdoor skills like orienteering, chart reading, knot tying, archery, basic survival skills, and more will be covered. Campers will also have some creative fun building boats and seeing how much “pay-load” they can hold! Camp registration is based on grade completed.

Marine Science Camp (Grades 3-5 and 6-8)

Marine Science Camp is COOL! Here, youth will learn about the animals (micro to macro) that are found within various marine habitats of Tampa Bay and use the same tools, techniques, and technology that scientists use to study them. From the birds in the sky to the fishes in the sea, campers will be immersed in the diversity associated with the ocean, which makes up almost 97% of our planet! Games, experiments, crafts, recreational activities, and sessions with scientists will all be used to connect students with the world in their back yards. Also, kayaking, fishing, and archery will teach campers about self-perseverance while building new friendships along the way. Camp registration is based on grade completed.

Aquatic Careers Camp (Grades 9-11 only)

New this summer, the Suncoast is offering an Aquatic Careers Camp to older campers. Youth will get a chance to take advantage of the multitude of ocean- and estuarine-related careers in the Tampa Bay area. Diving beyond the “traditional” marine science careers, campers will be immersed in some alternative careers in their back yards: shrimp dock tours, aquaculture labs that supply pet stores, chatting with scientists doing research, and much more! This camp will touch on marine industry, aquaculture, entertainment, commercial fisheries, and research. When not off campus exploring such places for future employment, campers will be at the Suncoast learning tips and tricks for resume building, interviewing, volunteering, and improving their own leadership skills while better preparing themselves for college entrance and the workforce as valuable members of the community. Camp registration is based on grade completed.

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