Field Trips - Grades 3-5

General Information

Our school field trips are free for students – rain or shine – but, you must provide the transportation to and from the Suncoast Youth Conservation Center (SYCC). Minimum class size is 10 students and the maximum number of students in one day is 42 or less depending on your chosen activity. Since SYCC is ACA accredited, we require a 1:10 adult to youth ratio for all land-based activities and a 1:5 adult to youth ratio for water-based activities. We provide the instructors, lessons, necessary equipment and smiles for your memorable time here.

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Elementary Grades (3-5):

Mangroves and Mudflats Explorations (4 hours) – Via kayak, students will explore Newman’s Branch Creek Paddling Trail and be immersed in the mangrove swamps of Tampa Bay. Topics covered will include paddling strokes, safety equipment, filing float plans and of course learning about our Tampa Bay estuary through mangrove exploration. Students will be challenged to find as many plants and animals as they can while learning about the adaptations these creatures must have to survive in this habitat. Minimum time requirements for kayaking programs are 3.5 hours. Maximum number of students is 26. Multiple days per school can be scheduled to accommodate large classes.

Marine Wildlife Discovery (4 hours) – Students will participate in active, hands-on activities about the types of animals that use the estuary and its resources. Birds, invertebrates and reptiles will be covered through activities where the students learn about the challenges facing these animals. This lesson also includes a Wildlife Survey where students will keep a list of their visual wildlife observations as they travel from station to station. What’s flying in the sky, or scurrying at their feet? Let curiosity soar!

Inclement Weather Plan:

In the event of bad weather, the Suncoast staff will use the following activities as an alternative to the scheduled outdoor programming. Students will be put into two groups; each group will participate in one of the following activities prior to lunch and then switch activities after lunch.

Animal Habitats and Adaptations (2 hours) – Habitat is where it’s at! What are the basic components of a habitat? Students will learn about habitats in the Tampa Bay area and some critters that inhabit each. Through a game, students will determine which habitat is suited for each animal species and how animals must fit in with their environment through adaptations. During the lesson, students will get to interact with some of our Suncoast residents!

Fish Adaptations (2 hours) – Using preserved specimens, students will observe and discuss the various body shapes and adaptations fish have to live in aquatic environments based on actual specimens. Then, students will “Fashion A Fish” based on those adaptations. The fashioned fish will test the students’ knowledge as they present their creations and describe why specific features exist.

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