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The Everglades Youth Conservation Camp is located in the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area, historically the northern tip of the Everglades. Our programs are designed to meet the Next Generation Science Standards for third through twelfth grade. Each program combines exploration of the area and age-appropriate hands-on activities. Our goal is to instill an understanding and appreciation for the ecosystems of southeast Florida. We are approved by the School District of Palm Beach County for the free bus program.

Our Education Programs

Plant Safari (3rd Grade)
Students will explore various plant communities and conduct a plant survey. They will also participate in activities to learn about plant needs and competition for resources.

South Florida’s Backyard: Ecosystem Survey (4th-5th Grade)
Students will explore our four ecosystems as scientist collecting data using a variety of tools to compare and contrast our unique Everglades system. The experience includes a hike along our 1.3 mile boardwalk trail.

Bird’s Eye View (4th – 5th Grade)
Students will explore the world of birds to gain an understanding of adaptations, migration, and factors that influence populations. The experience includes the use of binoculars as tools to monitor bird behaviors on a hike.

Wetland Wonders(4th – 5th Grade)
Students will discover the importance of wetlands in south Florida for wildlife and humans. This experience includes activities about our Kissimmee-Okeechobee-Everglades (KOE) watershed and dip netting in our freshwater pond.

Wetland Explorations (6th – 12th Grade)
Students will discover the importance of wetlands in south Florida for wildlife and humans. This experience includes activities about our KOE watershed, dip netting to examine the diversity in a freshwater system, and water quality testing.

Dynamics of the Everglades (6th – 12th Grade)
Students will collect data while hiking to determine the diversity of organisms in various ecosystems to discover what factors influence the populations of plants and animals in an area.

Everglades Adventure (One or Two Night Experience) (4th – 12th grade)>
Looking for an intensive conservation education program? Join us for a one or two night residential experience. By combining the programs we offer, your students will get a comprehensive program focusing on the south Florida Ecosystems. We also provide opportunities for the children to participate in fishing, archery, and paddle sports.

(Cost is $75 per person for one night experience/ $150 per person for the two night experience.) Please see the Policies and Procedures for this program and download the registration form to reserve a date.

To register for our programs, please contact Devyn Hamann, Camp Director 561-624-6929 (Main Office) 561-273-4345 (Direct Line)


  • Programs are offered from October 1st – March 31st every Tuesday - Friday. Day programs are from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • To schedule your visit, contact director Devyn Hamann, at (561) 624-6929 or by email at
  • All day programs provided by the Everglades Youth Conservation Camp are free.
  • The Overnight program is $75 per person for the one-night experience and $150 per person for the two-night experience.
  • EYCC is located at 12100 Seminole Pratt Whitney Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33412

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