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Summer Camp

When does Summer Camp registration open?
You can register for summer camp through our online registration portal. Online registration will open on February 1st, 2023.
How much does camp cost?
The baseline fee is $375 per week, per child. Some camps have additional fees which are separate from the camp tuition rate. Hardcopy checks should be made payable to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Camps with additional fees: Seafarers added fee is $120. Mariners is an additional $50. Anglers Plus is an additional $50.
How do I know if a program I want to register for is still available?

We process our registrations in the order that they were received, so when you register your camper online you’ll receive a status of “pending” until we have confirmed we have space and availability to accommodate your camper for that program that week. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for us to process your registration.

Can my camper be in the same week/program/cabin with their sibling or friend(s)?
Sorry, we are unable to accommodate specific week/program/cabin requests as they are first come first serve! To increase the chance of campers being placed together, we encourage to coordinate your registration with your family/friends, register asap, and pick the following programs that are most often grouped in the same cabins: Anglers, Wildlife Adventurers, Wetland Wonders | Explorers and Anglers Plus | Pathfinders and Outdoor Archers | Seafarers and Mariners
What programs do you offer?

Everglades Youth Conservation Center (EYCC) offers between seven (7) and ten (10) summer camp programs for children in 3rd – 8th grade. To learn more about which programs are being offered this summer click here. Parents may register their child for one program per week. Parents may not register their child for more than two weeks. The weeks cannot be consecutive.

We also offer School Programs designated to meet the Next Generation Science Standards for 3rd – 12th graders. Programs vary per grade, please click here to learn more about what education programs are available for students.

How old does my child have to be to attend camp?

EYCC offers programs for children based on their grade level in the most recent school year. For example, if you are looking to sign your child up for a program in summer 2023, then you will refer to their grade level in the Fall 2022 – Spring 2023 academic school year. EYCC offers programs for children in 3rd – 8th grade, some programs have age requirements. Learn more about which programs cater to which ages here.

Are your staff background screened?
Yes. We request two references, not letters of recommendation.
Does my child need to bring extra money to camp?
Extra money is optional. EYCC has a camp store where they can buy snacks, drinks, t-shirts, etc. At check-in your child’s money is deposited into a store account. Purchases will be deducted from their account and any balance left over on Friday will be returned to you. We limit the account to $20 per child.
Are there alligators in the swimming lake?
EYCC sits on a 60,000-acre wildlife management area, so there is always a possibility of alligators residing in the swimming lake or other bodies of water at camp. However, any alligators that are observed and considered to be a nuisance or are over three feet in length are removed from the swimming lake and relocated as soon as possible. According to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida averages five unprovoked alligator bites per year statewide. Serious injuries caused by alligators are rare. Click here to learn more about living with alligators.
Are the cabins air-conditioned?
Yes, the cabins and dining hall are all air-conditioned.
How many campers are in each cabin?
There are 16 campers per cabin and two or three group leaders. There are also two leadership campers (high school students) in each cabin.
What do you do during bad weather?
The EYCC has programming designed to work around weather of the typical summer months here in Florida. We keep our campers inside during any dangerous weather conditions. EYCC uses THOR Guard to predict any oncoming weather that could pose a threat to programming and camp participants.
What do you do about insects, mosquitoes, and alligators?
The camp does not spray for insects and mosquitoes as it is located within a wildlife conservation area. Children and parents are instructed to send/bring non-aerosol forms of insect repellant. All camp areas are monitored by camp staff and FWC employees for nuisance animals to ensure they are not found within the camp limits.
Can I pay camp tuition by credit card?
We're so excited your camper will be joining us this summer! After registration, a staff member will contact you to make your payment as we are unable to fulfill your camp tuition via credit card. We are currently able to accept checks and money orders.
Can I make a down payment to reserve a spot for my child?
Sorry, but no. We are not able to reserve spots for any campers until the full registration fee and the registration form have been received. Camp is filled on a first-come, first-serve basis without exception.
If I live out-of-town and my child flies into the Palm Beach International Airport, can they be picked up at the airport by someone from your staff?
Sorry, we do not provide transportation to and from the airport, bus, or train stations at this time.
What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in is 3PM-5PM on Sunday. Check-out is 3PM-5PM on the following Friday.
Can my child call home or can I call my child?
Phones are for emergencies only. If a child becomes homesick, the camp director will contact you. Parents are welcome to call the summer camp director in the event of an emergency.
If my child cannot attend camp, can I get a refund?
Please see the refund policy on our website on the Summer Camp Information Page.
If my child is sent home due to illness, homesickness or disciplinary reasons, can I get a refund?
Partial refunds may be given due to illness or injury and are decided on a case-by-case basis. Refunds are not given when children are sent home for homesickness or disciplinary reasons.
If I have more than one child attending, do I get a discount?
Sorry, discounts are not available at this time.
Can I volunteer at the camp during my child’s week at camp?
We do not allow parents to stay during a camp session. Only regular service volunteers and employees of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission who have had a background screening check are allowed to volunteer at camp.
Can my child just come during the day during their week at camp?
Sorry, but no. Safety, programming and scheduling do not permit a child to attend as a day camper only.
Can I change sessions if my child’s summer schedule changes due to school, athletics, band, or a family emergency?
Certainly! Please contact the camp office for assistance at (561) 624-6929.
What should my child pack for summer camp?
Check out our parent information packet here. This packet contains a packing list in addition to information on healthcare, check-in and check-out, behavioral expectations, schedules, housing and showers, photo packages, our refund policy, and more. We strongly recommend all parents and guardians download and review this packet, as it contains all the information we cover during camp orientation.
What is orientation?
Never sent a camper to EYCC before? We have a helpful orientation just for you! Orientations take about two hours and include a presentation about the programs and a tour of the facility. Orientations are not required for registration but are strongly recommended. Please email to register for an orientation session by emailing

Children & Family Programs (in Fall and Spring)

What programs do you offer other than summer camp?
We are busy year-round! We offer educational day programs for children in 3rd – 5th grade, outdoor weekend learning seminars for families, and school field trips for grades 3rd – 12th. For information about children and family programs, click here. For information about school field trips, click here.

Facility Rental

When can I rent EYCC’s Facilities?
Our rental season is September through March and we begin accepting reservations each August. Please note that we only accept reservations that are made at least one month in advance and for a minimum of 20 people. For more information on renting EYCC’s facilities, click here.
What facilities are available for rent at EYCC?
EYCC has four tent camping sites, 10 cabins, a pavilion, bathhouses, and dining hall. All these sites are available for rent including our fishing, archery, paddling, and swimming areas. We also offer meal plan options to renters. Please note we only rent to groups of 20 people or more. For more information and to download our rental use agreement, click here.

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