What Families Are Saying

"My children love the EYCC better than any other place on Earth!"
-Parent of EYCC summer camper
"It's great to have a well-run program that is affordable and local that gives EXPERIENCES outside of their norm (everything outside is out of norm) and she LOVES it. Hoping to send our younger daughter for her first time. Thank you to Janice and her amazing staff. You make the difference."
-Parent of EYCC summer campers
"Camp has been the highlight of my son's summers for the past four years. The camp is exceptionally organized and run by experienced professionals. They work to bring out the best in each camper, emphasize character and inclusion, teach conservation and stewardship.... all while providing instruction in outdoor skills, keeping everyone safe, and making sure all campers have FUN!"
-Parent of Everglades camper
"This is my son's favorite place on earth. I cannot thank the staff enough for their passion, dedication and hard work in making this the camp it is. Jake has gone four times. He has learned so much! He knows native plants by name, the correct and incorrect way to board a kayak, how to fish, how to get along with all sorts of kids and did I mention the songs? Keep up the great work and we'll continue to sing your praises!"
-Parent of Everglades camper
"Camped here as a lil' one and then became a counselor a couple of times..this place will always hold a special place in my heart..Love!"
-Previous Everglades camper
Dani JohnsonDani Johnson
23:01 21 Jul 22
My son has been attending this camp each summer for a week for the past three years (edit: now five). I understand from some families that they liked the director before Janice better than Janice, but I love this woman. She has always taken great care of our son, and seems to carefully select the counselors-in-training and counselors based on the kids who come up through the camp.This past year, my son was old enough to do the mariner program, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. They were out snorkeling at one of the parks every day. Aside from the long(ish) bus ride, he had a fantastic time. The program was much smaller than the general campers for the younger kids.He looks forward to this every year.They don't get that clean at night and don't have much time to bathe and brush their teeth, so be advised that they are gonna smell funky when you pick 'em up.We have a duffel that can go straight in the wash and all of "swamp camp" clothes go directly into that duffel, and we stop at a laundromat near our home in Naples. I do not bring that duffel in the house. I also take a set of clean clothes for him to change into (and deodorant now that he's older) when we pick him up because there's no way we're driving back across the alley with that swampy teenage boy smell.He enjoys it so much and we pick the same week each summer. Seems plenty of other families pick the same week so the kids see the same kids each year. That's kind of cool, because it seems that this camp draws from the Palm Beach area.It's all nature, no screens, and even kids who THINK they're going to be bored end up having a good time.In fact, my son picked up archery here, and began getting good enough to where he started shooting with the after-school archery club at school here. Before camp, he had never picked up a bow and arrow and now he enjoys it. He has said when he's old enough to be a counselor-in-training, he wants to teach kids how to use the bow.He is adept at paddle sports, especially the stand up paddle board. He's tried teaching dad, but dad says his knees can't take it. So they go out kayaking when they can. Without this camp, I don't know that my son would've felt that these were activities he could've done.The price? Please. We have half day camps here for three hours/day that cost $180/week. This is $360 for the whole week, minus any special program you may put your child in. Excellent!Edit: now my son is in high school and part of the leadership camper program. It is an excellent opportunity for young people in high school who want to continue at camp to grow and learn, while still participating at camp.I cannot recommend this camp enough. Florida Fish and Wildlife doesn't have this anywhere else. This location is a gem. It IS a competitive program for your child to get into this, but worth it. Our son has come back home more confident, and that's such a bonus for all of us.EDIT: Janice has retired and Devyn is now director. My son is now a camp counselor.
Mom WaltMom Walt
02:11 07 Feb 22
Had a great time. We rode the mud buggy, had an air boat ride and did some shooting. The whole family had a great time. We really appreciate all they did to make it fun
Chris HausbeckChris Hausbeck
11:23 24 Jan 20
Quiet camping away from roads with great nature trails, shooting range and fishing pond. Bathrooms/ showers are brand new and spotless. Staff was pleasant and helpful. Campfire island is a great place for smores and stories.
Hans CasparyHans Caspary
14:21 14 Mar 18
Excellent seventh grade field trip, accommodation rustic, but new construction underway. Super friendly staff, great meals. Very memorable.
Ari HirschmanAri Hirschman
23:52 01 Jan 18
Camped overnight here. It is a beautiful gem hidden away close to civilization. I'm going to try to arrange for a group outing to visit again. Also, the staff was ultra friendly and helpful. An amazing place!!!

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