Rental Use Information

From September 1st to April 30th, the Everglades Youth Conservation Camp is available on the weekends for rental use by organizations or groups of 10 or more. Rates are listed below for use of the facility.

In order to reserve a weekend please complete the reservation form and use agreement. Mail these items to the camp with a copy of insurance coverage for group/organization, tax exempt form if using cabins or tents, and the deposit. Download the Rental Use Agreement for all the documents.

If you have any questions, please contact the camp’s director at 561-624-6929 or email

Rental Rates

EYCC can accommodate up to 200 people. Multiple groups may be using the facility on any weekend. Groups of 150 people or more will have sole use of the facility. It is important to provide an accurate number of participants for our scheduling purposes. You must provide the camp with the exact number 3 weeks prior to your arrival and be prepared to pay in full for that number of participants upon arrival.

Day Use: $5 per person per day (This fee applies to anyone not staying overnight.)
Tent Area: $9 per person per night plus 13% bed tax if not tax exempt (Please indicate which tent site you prefer for your group. Tents sites are indicated on the attached map. Assignment of areas depends on size of group and number of groups using the facility.)
Cabins: $12 per person per night plus 13% bed tax if not tax exempt (Each cabin has 10 bunkbeds with a sleeping capacity of 20. Males and Females are housed separately in the cabins. Please indicate on the reservation form how many males and females will be using the cabins. Anyone under 18 years must be chaperoned in the cabins. Cabin assignment will be based on size of group and number of groups using the facility.)
Trail Blazer Island Camping: $15 per person per night plus a 13% bed tax if not tax exempt (Groups can canoe to Trail Blazer Island located in Everglades Pond. The Island is equipped with 6 platform canvas tent accommodations with 4 cots per tent. The use of the Island is a maximum of 24 people.)
Dining Hall: $125 per day (If your group is using our meal plan, then the dining hall fee does not apply. Priority for the use of the dining hall is given to groups using our meal plan.)
Kitchen: The kitchen is no longer available to rental use groups. You have access to our ice machine located on the back porch of the dining hall. Rental groups are not permitted into the kitchen area for any reason. We do provide a meal plan for groups that are interested in having our staff provide meals for the group. Our meal rates are listed below. A menu is provided to groups wishing to utilize this service. Meal Rates: (Minimum of 20 participants for each meal required) Breakfast: $7 – Lunch: $8 – Dinner: $15
Classroom/Meeting Room: $100 per day.
Pavilion: $100 per weekend. (The pavilion has picnic tables and a grill for use. It can be rented by overnight groups and/or day use groups on a first-come-first-served basis. You must have 80 to 100 people to reserve the pavilion solely for your group. Smaller groups will need to share this area. Driving to the pavilion is not permitted.)
Campfire Island: $25 per night. (Campfire Island is located in the center of Legacy Lake. The island is used for campfire programs only. Camping on the island is not permitted. We provide the wood for your campfires.)
Outdoor Program Areas: (EYCC will provide staff for the following areas. Use of these areas are limited by the supervision ratios we require for each site. Groups will be scheduled based on staff availability, and the size of groups. We will provide all supplies and equipment when using our staff.) Fee is for equipment use and limitations are based on our supervision restrictions when using our staff.
  • Archery – ($25 per hour/ limited to 10 participants per hour)
  • Canoe/Kayak – ($25 per hour / limited to 5 vessels per instructor)
  • Swimming – ($25 per hour/ limited to 25 swimmers per hour)
  • Fishing – ($25 per hour/ limited to 10 participants per hour)

Security Deposit

$100 Security Deposit Required for all rental use. Please make the check payable to the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida.

Everglades Youth Conservation Center
12100 Seminole Pratt Whitney Road. | West Palm Beach, FL 33412
561-624-6929 |
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