Pathfinder Outdoor Education

Pathfinder’s primary objective is to teach personal, social, and environmental responsibility through activity-based learning. We provide programs for youth and adults with an emphasis on community. Our programs offer new insights in greater problem-solving, healthy decision-making, and responsibility for themselves and others. Working together to identify and achieve common goals, participants gain new skills in resolving conflicts and effective collaboration while developing leadership skills and enhancing communication. Because our curriculum is exciting and hands-on, participants feel energized about learning and have fun in the process.

Why we do it…
We provide experiential programs in a safe and supportive environment that promote increased social responsibility. We do this because our staff and Board of Directors believe that consciously teaching character and building community is a vital part of the lifelong learning process and helps to create a safer, more productive, happier world.

How we do it…
Pathfinder’s programs are grounded in a tradition of experiential education. Experiential education engages many styles of learning in a cycle of: doing, reflecting, generalizing, and transferring the learning to new contexts. All programs, regardless of the age or ability of the participants, the length of time, or the location are hands-on, interactive, and fun with a solid, non-competitive curriculum. All activities incorporate the themes of developing character and community. Most programs take place outdoors, not only because it’s more fun, but because we have found this to be more effective in meeting our client’s goals.

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