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Our programs are correlated to Florida Science Standards and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) to support all classroom curriculum.

JBYCC provides all necessary supplies and materials.

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In-Classroom Programs (K-12)

Schoolyard Wildlife Activity (30-40 minutes)
Students will learn to investigate their schoolyard and record their findings about insects, trees, and birds. Students will hone their identification skills, learn data collection methods and information about biologists and research careers. This activity is meant to be done several times throughout the week or summer for understanding data collection and analyzing.

Mammals of Florida (30-40 minutes)
Joe Budd staff will bring animal pelts and replica skulls to learn about Florida mammals. We will learn how to identify animal tracks and scat. Food chains and life cycles of animals will be discussed. Make and take animal tracks included.

Birds of Florida (30-50 minutes)
Students learn to use binoculars to identify common birds found in their backyards. Hands on activities teach students how bird beaks are adapted for specific foods, students compete and compare in a “Bird Olympics” by physical attributes of birds to humans and learn about the difficulty birds have in migrating each year.

Reptiles of Florida (30-40 minutes)
The purpose of this program is to learn about adaptations of reptiles and amphibians while dispelling common fears about them through hands on experiences with live animals. We will bring our Red Rat snake, Steve, to help students learn about the ecology, adaptations and how important snakes are for the environment. We will discuss the life cycle and conservation of reptiles.

Backyard Bass and Water Cycle (30-40 minutes)
Learn how to cast and catch a “fish” using rod and reel. Students will visit our EnviroScape table and learn about the water cycle and how we can help our fishy friends and the water they live in.

Florida Black Bear (30-40 minutes)
Students will learn bear facts and identify and describe the factors of bear habitats. Find out how limiting factors affect animal populations (food, water, and shelter) and through role playing and a math activity to analyze data to determine how many bears can live in a habitat.

Bats of Florida (30-40 minutes)
Learn about Florida’s 13 bat species; what do they eat, where they roost, and why we should conserve them. By putting students in the shoes of a bat biologist, they will collect a bat that is “caught in a net” and gather information about the bat to determine the overall health of the bat.

Rocks, Minerals and Fossils (40-50 minutes)
What is a rock, mineral, or fossil? Joe Budd staff will bring hands on activities to discover our state rock, how to identify fossils, and what minerals are found in our everyday life.

Insects and Life cycles (30-40 minutes) What is an insect? Why are there so many and why are they so important? Those questions and more will be answered while students explore the outdoors to find and observe an insect, identify it, determine if it is an adult or offspring, and then compare and contrast the adult and offspring of the species.

Leave No Trace (30-40 minutes)
This very interactive program has students learning about the ways in which we can Leave No Trace in our daily lives. We will investigate vermicomposting to see what are worms favorite foods. Students will compete in an Trashion or Trash to Treasure contest!

Program sessions are limited and fill up quickly.
Call (850) 933-4322 or email Meghann at to schedule.
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