Everglades Youth Conservation Camp

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Everglades Youth Conservation Camp


Operational nearly 50 years now on FWC's Corbett WMA, the Everglades Youth Conservation Camp has provided 1 week, residential, wildlife-oriented camping experiences for boys and girls, ages 8 to 14. About 25,000 campers have attended programs at the Youth Conservation Camp to date. In 1995 the Youth Conservation Camp expanded to a capacity of 96 campers per week and there is STILL a waiting list to attend! And today the Youth Conservation Camp is as popular as ever. It has had a profound effect on many young lives. In addition to the wildlife conservation knowledge and experiences they acquired at camp, many campers later went to work at the Commission Everglades Youth Camp, some even became full-time Commission employees.

In addition to the summer camp, the Everglades Youth Conservation Camp also provides for diverse public use, which have included frequent hunter safety courses, bow hunting courses, firearms familiarization courses, youth hunter education challenge (advanced hunter safety), boy and girl scout groups, school programs, Becoming an Outdoors Woman programs, National Wild Turkey Federation's Women in the Outdoors program, and county school programs.

The site features a trailhead to the Florida Trail and includes an additional hiking trail and boardwalk through the Hungryland Slough.

Strong working relationships exist with a variety of conservation stakeholder groups who volunteer thousands of hours to maintain the camp and assist with programs for youth.

This camp is an American Camp Association accredited camp.

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