Creating The Next Generation That Cares

We have to develop breakthrough approaches for understanding and overcoming the barriers to youth participation in traditional outdoor activities, then create destinations that are magnets for our young people. In other words, make them want to go outside. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) has designed a program, the Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network (FYCC) that will do that.

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Welcome to the FYCCN Website

The Wildlife Foundation of Florida, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC), and scores of dedicate partners are undertaking one of the most ambitious—and important—projects we have ever undertaken, The Florida Youth Conservation Center Network (FYCC). We are proud to be spearheading the fundraising efforts for this crucial public/private partnership designed to reconnect Florida’s youth with nature and traditional outdoor activities.

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Youth Conservation Centers Network to Focus on Creating the Next Generation That Cares

After more than a year of research and partnership development, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) voted to launch the next phase of the Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network. Once complete, the Network will provide facilities where Florida children can gain experiences that help develop conservation values and ethics and learn traditional outdoor activities.

The Commission has received more than 60 responses to its outreach for partners. The goal is to provide children across Florida with opportunities to learn the values and skills associated with fish and wildlife conservation, and introduce lifelong activities such as hunting, fishing, bird-watching and marksmanship, with an emphasis on safety and ethics.

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