The goal of The Easton Foundations is to promote and maintain the viability of archery by growing the sport as a mainstream activity at the state, regional and national level. This will be accomplished by developing grassroots programs in communities and schools, supporting college and university programs and through these efforts inspire the next generation of Olympic hopefuls.

Archery Grants

The Easton Sports Development Foundation will only makes grants to IRS Qualified 501(c)(3) organizations or an accredited K-12 school, college, university or government entity. The foundation may make grants to organizations and projects that support the following goals and objectives:


  • Develop competitive Olympic archery efforts that create a clear path for skilled young archers to reach the goal of being an Olympic champion.
  • Support programs that develop improved skills as archers’ progress through JOAD, middle and high schools, colleges, and the USA National Olympic Team training programs.
  • Develop and support archery programs that introduce target shooting and/or other forms of archery to all people including youth, senior, and disabled archers.
  • Support the growth of all types of archery competition.
  • Promote the building and refurbishing of ranges open to the public to make them attractive and accessible to all archers.
  • Support bowhunting education, promotion, and habitat development and protection programs.

Archery Grant

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