Located in Sarasota, FL, Nathan Benderson Park (NBP) is a unique 600-acre community park that includes North America's premier 2,000-meter sprint rowing course and a regatta center. One of a handful of sites in the United Stated identified as having all of the natural attributes that make up a world-class rowing and recreational facility, Nathan Benderson Park began hosting organized regatta competitions in 2009. More than $40 million has been committed to the facility's development, including nine 2,000-meter racing lanes and straight shorelines, coaching lanes, wave attenuation, a multi-function boathouse and athlete training center, starting huts and finish towers, grand stands and a state-of-the-art boat maintenance and testing facility. As a result, the community park offers the perfect destination for a range of championship and recreational events, vendor opportunities, team training and development tips, and so much more. Each day, campers participate in different water sports - kayaking, canoeing, rowing, sailing, and stand-up paddle boarding! Campers will learn the basics of each discipline and, more important, boating safety. On-land instruction and safety requirements accompany all activities before campers get out on the water, so they obtain the knowledge and safety skills needed. All campers will be issued personal flotation devices for on-water activities.
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Nathan Benderson Park
5851 Nathan Benderson Circle
Sarasota, Florida 34235

Phone: 941-358-7275 X5812