Greenwood School

Greenwood School

Greenwood is a nonprofit, specialty, 6-12, private school. The school specializes in multi-sensory instruction and assessments to best serve students with learning differences. With small class sizes, highly skilled staff, and the ability to adapt to the individual needs of students, Greenwood offers a standard high school diploma to students who would otherwise be at risk of not graduating. As an integral part of helping students with reading disabilities, memory and attention deficits, focus issues and other learning differences, Greenwood utilizes its 10 acres of wetland preserve as a learning and training environment. From science classes to poetry reading, the outdoor classrooms and trails system are a part of everyday life at Greenwood. Additional environmental education includes orienteering, archery, citizen science, trail maintenance, interpreter trainings, bird watching, a butterfly garden, and native Florida gardening.

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Greenwood School
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Jacksonville, Florida 32225

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