Florida Wildflower Foundation

The Florida Wildflower Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to enrich lives with Florida’s native wildflowers. With donations made with the sale of each State Wildflower license plate, the Foundation funds research, education and planting projects statewide. Since 2000, more than $3 million in tag donations have supported projects that build awareness and knowledge of native wildflowers and plants and their roles in Florida’s ecosystems.

To accomplish its goals, the Foundation teams with like-minded organizations, including the Florida Native Plant Society, Florida Association of Native Nurseries, Florida Federation of Garden Clubs and Florida Master Gardeners – all of which are represented on its board. It is a founding member of the Florida Native Plant Partnership and a member of the Florida Forever Coalition.


Contact Info

Florida Wildflower Foundation
PO Box 941066
Maitland, Florida 32794-1066

Phone: 407-353-6164