Sheriff's Youth Ranches - Youth Camp

As the founding camp property of the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches, Inc., Youth Camp was purchased in Barberville in 1982, and has lead the Sheriff's Youth Ranch mission to prevent delinquency and develop lawful, resilient, and productive citizens. Youth Camp boasts 200 acres and includes many water bodies on site, making it ideal for favorite outdoor activities like canoeing, fishing and hiking! The camp is available for rentals through most of the year but is occupied in the summer by youth from all over the state! Free summer camp programs are offered every year from June through August to youth residing in Florida, where they can enjoy not only water sports but also archery and wildlife viewing and learn skills for life along the way.

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Florida Sheriff Youth Ranches

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Sheriff's Youth Ranches - Youth Camp
1170 Youth Camp Lane,
Pierson, Florida 32180

Phone: 386-749-9999