The second annual Florida Panther Festival, this Saturday, November 10, from 10-4 at North Collier Regional Park in Naples, will shed light on the plight of the endangered Florida panther through interactive activities about the Florida panther’s life and habitat. Activities include scheduled presentations by FWC Commissioner Liesa Priddy, FWC panther biologist Mark Lotz and others, a Living with Wildlife Pavilion, interactive walks, fun and educational activities for children, livestock pen demonstration, live bluegrass music, food vendors, information from various conservation agencies and organizations in panther territory, and more. The festival is free of charge. On the day before the festival, Friday, November 9, a variety of field trips are available into areas in southwest Florida where panthers roam. For more information, visit
Florida Panther Festival


North Collier Regional Park Naples, FL

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North Collier Regional Park
Naples, Florida